Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson’s experience in marketing and business leadership spans 20+ years. Steve held leadership roles for a range of multi-national corporations in the telecommunications, communications and media sectors, was a founding partner in an international media business and as a consultant has delivered a range of innovative business solutions to major international and national companies and a host of small and medium sized enterprises.

On re-locating to the NSW South Coast Steve firstly led the roll-out of a regional programme for the NSW Business Chamber then joined Shoalhaven City Council as Tourism Manager. Steve’s many achievements included the launch of a new destination brand, restructure of both the local industry body and council’s tourism unit and the development and delivery of a highly successful marketing programme.  As a board member and treasurer of the South Coast Regional Tourism Organisation, Steve led the development and delivery of the award winning Unspoilt South Coast NSW advertising campaign that in 2015 was awarded gold at the NSW Tourism Awards.

Email; steve.lawson@dnsss.com.au

Phone: 0428 737 664